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National Career Nursing Appreciation Week

June 13-20, 2019

Whenever we get sick, nurses are on the front line and the face of patient care. Doctors and MD are healers, but it is the nurses that spend the most time with the patients. To run an effective medical practice, the nurses, doctors, orderlies and other staff must trust each other. This is how healing runs smoothly. To build that kind of deep trust, you need consistent team bonding activities and events.

With the crazy hours medical staff keep, it can be difficult to schedule it in, but very necessary. We recommend setting aside 1 hour long staff meeting at least once a quarter to build the relationships that span to the operation rooms.

Some team building activities you can try is Pictionary, team quiz bowls on pop culture, comedy improv, and more.

#TeamBonding #TeamBuilding #ECHOCATT

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