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How to spice up your business presentation

St. Louis, MO    Chesterfield, MO

When it comes to speaking to a crowd, the first thing every good speaker needs is confidence.   Many business owners believe that a good power point presentation is all you need to wow a crowd, but the best speakers plan what they will be speaking about at their event. They also practice their speeches prior to going in front of a crowd.   Try practicing in front of a mirror or a camera. This way, you can watch subtle body movements that could come across as unflattering.  By video taping, you can also use the video in posts on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, and YouTube to really become known as an industry expert in your space.  Some business owners radiate confidence, however if you are more of an introvert,  team building exercises like Zip, Zap, Zopp can help you to build that confidence and laugh while doing it.  To Learn more , visit us at

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