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6 Ways to Motivate your Sales Staff

· Publicly recognize top people

-When you staff feels appreciated for the hard work they do, they work harder. When they see others get praise, they begin to crave it. Team Meetings and Division Meetings are a great way to recognize your staff.

· Run exciting sales contests without headache

Be clear about what the expectations of the contest are. Exp. The individual who books the most qualified appointments gets a $100 gift card. If you sell $$$$ get a $50 gift card.

· View performance metrics

This is key. If you don't measure how your staff is doing, and communicate on a regular basis, that can't get better.

· Give out incentive trip and other rewards to top performers

People love to work towards something, and Incentive trips, Gift Cards and Time Off are an excellent tool for motivating your top performers and driving performance of everyone else.

· Provide Group Team Bonding Activities Quarterly

You are only as good as your weakest link. Top performers can feel inspired by helping their co-works as well as newer employees. One tip that really drives this is by doing contests that depend on working as a team. Trip to an Improv show or Excape room when every person on the team hits $1200 goal. The ones who really want to goal will feel inspired to help the individuals who are not as strong.

· Easily monitor progress towards goals

White boards are an effective tool that lets each rep put their progress up in a visual way to everyone on the team. This helps drive results in a powerful way.

How to Motivate your Employees

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