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3 Tips for Team Building in the Workplace

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Whether your department is gearing up for a big project or you need to improve communication across the office, team-building activities are an excellent way to strengthen on-the-job connections. But, as beneficial as these activities can be, it takes careful planning to ensure successful results. When preparing for your next workplace initiative, here is a helpful guide to team building.

3 Ways to Improve Team-Building Activities

1. Identify Goals

From boosting sales to enhancing customer service, there are several reasons to pursue team building. To avoid confusion and foster a productive group conversation, it’s essential for company or department leaders to first identify these goals. If you want employees to contribute ideas, consider highlighting these topics before you meet.

2. Do It On-the-Clock

Scheduling team building during work hours is the best way to keep employees engaged throughout the process. Specifically, it shows that their efforts matter to the company — and are worth taking time away from the desk. It also shows that you respect their personal time. By contrast, having to participate after hours can cause some to lose interest or contribute in a half-hearted fashion.

3. Get Out of the Office

When team building takes place in the office, employees can easily get distracted by phone calls, e-mails, and other work matters. As such, it can be beneficial to host the activity outdoors or off-site. In addition to putting the focus on interpersonal relationships, this change of scenery can help get creative juices flowing and inspire strong team contributions.

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