"Whose Murder is it, Anyway?"

Echo CATT is having a grand send-off for their top star. A Short Form Comedy Cavalcade Competition where the winner is decided by the audience's votes. The winner receives $10,000 for their favorite charity. But, the show is interrupted by a tragic murder.....well, a murder. Do you have what it takes to see through the lies of those who are trained to make up stories on the spot? 

Enjoy an improv show inside a murder mystery.

"Most Likely to Commit Murder"

A trip down memory lane can prove to be deadly at the High School reunion.

Come dressed as you did in High School and see if you can figure out who should be voted, "Most Likely to Commit Murder".

"Haven't got a CLUE"

The Boddy Mansion is going on the market. A COLORFUL cast of Real Estate agents will stop at nothing to obtain that listing.